Snow Slows Business

MILFORD, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV)   The snow isn't just causing problems for utility crews.
      Businesses in the Poconos are taking a hit too.  Eyewitness News Reporter Eric Deabill talked with some business owners in Pike County.

By early Wednesday afternoon, the snow had already started to accumulate on the streets and trees in downtown Milford.

Many shops in this normally busy area called it quits by noon. Some didn’t even open at all.

Jewelry store owner Tom France says after Friday’s storm, many people in Pike County took this latest snow threat more seriously.

 “This is one a lot of people closed down early or didn’t even open. The roads have been a little quiet!” said Tom France, of Gold and Gift Jewelers

Down the road, the owner of Action Bikes and Outdoor was in his shop too but he had a specific reason.

“I’m not expecting a ton of traffic today but I am getting ready for spring believe it or not! I’m doing some remodeling in there” added T.C. Crawford of Action Bikes and Outdoor.

About ten miles away in Lords Valley, the snow was causing similar challenges for the owner of Mario’s Market and Deli.

He says this winter has been rough.

Between storms and the cold, the weather has taken its toll on his bottom line.


  Saturday and Sunday I closed down. Then we’re losing Wednesday and they’re saying another one maybe Saturday or possibly Sunday, it’s tough!!” said Mario Melchiorre of Mario's Market and Deli.,

This weather has also been tough on schools.

Given all the power outages here in Pike County, students at Delaware Valley hasn’t had class since last Thursday.

As she walked her dog, Delaware Valley Student Amelia Scott says she’s ready to get back to class.

“Some of my friends I only get to see at school so I’m excited to see them" 

 Late this afternoon, the Delaware Valley School District announces it will be closed again tomorrow.
Pike County officials say their emergency operations center is open right now and they're monitoring the weather conditions

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