Shopping in Sochi for Souvenirs

Sochi, Russia- If you want to score big at the Olympics - patients goes a LONG WAY.

People have been waiting in line for up to an hour  just to get a look at the goods inside the "Bosco"  the Olympic Store.

Once inside the options ...  are endless

 Jewelry, shirts, luggage, even sheets and for this dad that's good news.

Stu Schwartz/From Canada told Eyewitness News "I'm shopping for my kids they want all the stuffed daddy can you buy me a stuffed animal they don't need a stuffed animal but daddy's away in Sochi -so daddy's going get them a stuffed animal." Dollars well spent toward a winning score at home.

By the way, Neile bought herself a pair of Olympic Gloves-one of the many hot items people were buying.

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