Senator Casey Speaks Out on the Commonwealth's Roads and Bridges

- Scranton, Lackawanna County – Pennsylvania drivers know their roads are bad but many don’t know they are some of the worst roads and bridges in America. Senator Bob Casey remarked, "Pennsylvania is number one in a category we don't want to be number one in - that's structurally deficient bridges."
Casey visited the Elm Street Bridge in Scranton Friday. It’s one of more than 5,000 bridges with problems in the Commonwealth."There are literally millions of trips everyday that are taken in Pennsylvania over a structurally deficient bridge,” said Casey.
A recent Pennsylvania gas tax increase will help but not enough. Steve Pitoniak from Lackawanna County Regional Planning said, "Over the next ten years we'll probably get about half of the structurally deficient bridges repaired and by then we'll have more on the list. So we need money to get ahead of the curve."
The US Senate will soon debate a long term transportation bill. Senator Casey says he will send decision makers letters asking them to make Pennsylvania roads a priority."We gotta fight very hard for these dollars,” he emphasized.
Some say government funding will help the local economy. Kate McMahon is the NEPA Transportation Services Manager. She said, "It's of huge importance for businesses to be able to move their goods both efficiently and on time."
Others would like leaders to find solutions that don’t involve federal money. David Petriello of Scranton said, "Instead of always going to the federal government with our hands out let's look at a different way to be self supportive."

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