Security Problem Slows Courthouse Entry

By Laurie Monteforte |

Published 07/16 2014 02:18PM

Updated 07/17 2014 02:34PM

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – It’s taking longer than usual to get through security at the Monroe County Courthouse. The nine year old x-ray scanner for bags broke so staff has to search bags by hand. Sheriff’s Department Corporal William Bentzoni noted, "It's going to take them more time to go through a purse as to sending it through the x-ray machine and being able to look at the screen and see the objects that are inside the purse."


Most people said they didn’t mind the brief delay. Kathy Tindal of New Jersey said, "My husband was at the World Trade Center on 9/11 so I understand the terror that I want through that day, not only my husband. I'm fully aware of them having to take precautions and I don't mind."


It will cost nearly $5,000 to fix the machine. That’s most of the Sheriff’s Department budget for security device maintenance this year. That budget covers things like security camera repair and door alarm services. Bentzoni said, "If nothing goes wrong everything is fine. If something goes wrong then I have to go to the commissioners and say 'ok we're gonna need some emergency money or something.'"


Until the machine is fixed, anyone who has to go into the Monroe County Courthouse should give themselves a few extra minutes. Bentzoni hopes it will be repaired by the end of the week.

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