Search Is On For E-M-T Impersonator In Wayne County

- A 78 year old woman in Dyberry Township, Wayne County waited 40 minutes for an ambulance and did not get to a hospital until more than an hour after she first called 9-1-1- for help--State Troopers say a man impersonating an E-M-T from the Waymart Volunteer Ambulance Corps responded to the 9-1-1 call and that delayed help for the elderly woman--   Troopers released an audio recording of the impersonator--the recording was very short but the man said "Waymart One responding"--  But the response was bogus--Wayne County 9-1-1 dispatched another ambulance from another company when the woman called a second time--- Anita Thompson, the Director of Operations for the Waymart Ambulance Volunteer Corps, said, "We take this very, very seriously --this is no joke...what if this woman was suffering from a life threatening condition..what would have happened?"--   The woman was suffering from lower back pain-- Fellow E-M-T Ronald Thompson was also angry over the situation-- he told Eyewitness News, "I can't believe somebody would do this and think it's no big deal--lives can be lost if seconds and minutes are lost answering a call---" People who were having lunch at the Belmont Café in Waymart were talking about the fake call-- Dawn Lepkowski, owns he café, and said, "I think it's horrible just horrible--- what of that woman suffered a heart attack or was bleeding what would have happened to her?"  Mike Farley from Waymart added, "What if this guy does it again? This is extremely dangerous--how could someone do this and think its no big deal?"  If you have any information about the case contact State Police at Honesdale---

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