Schuylkill County man breaks into home and stabs three people

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, SCHUYKILL HAVEN (WBRE/WYOU) A local Schuylkill county man is in jail tonight held on burglary and violating a PFA after breaking into a home and stabbing three people. 

Neighbors who live in the area are stunned this happened on their block.

“The main thing I saw was the fire department washing the blood and stuff off the road,” said Neighbor, Jordyn Kriner.

According to police, at 4:20 Sunday morning, 24 year old Roy Hogan broke into this house at 406 Orchard Avenue and then fled the scene when police were called.

They say he broke back into the home three hours later. This time, stabbing three of the four people inside the home.

“Something among these lines you don’t see or hear about too often around here,” said neighbor, Kevin Fryer.

Kevin Fryer has been living in this area for nearly 32 years.

He says you hear about these incidents in bigger cities, but not here.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood, Schuylkill Haven is a very small town and everybody knows everybody,” said Fryer.

“I was pretty shocked. Nothing like that ever happens around here. That was the first real violent incident I hear in Schuylkill Haven as a whole,” said Kriner.

According to police, one of the victims stabbed was Hogan’s ex girlfriend.

“It’s pretty scary I actually know one of the victims, so that makes it closer to home,” said Kriner.

“It’s scary to see these things go on and then resulting to violence,” said Fryer.

Neighbors also tell me that this is a kid friendly neighborhood and now they say they’re going to start taking extra precautions.

“I have a five year old and a one year old. I mean I’m usually not a big door locker there’s nothing to worry about in schuylkill Haven but I probably will for now on,” said Kriner.

“It makes you double think about locking your doors and stuff like that with your children out playing,” said Fryer.

Neighbors hope their neighborhood can return to the peaceful environment it was before today’s incident.

“I sure hope it’s a rare thing. I hope it never happens again,” said Fryer.

All three victims have been treated for their injuries.

Hogan will be arraigned for attempted homicide Monday. 

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