School, Community Playground Will Not Open This Year

Published 08/26 2014 04:15PM

Updated 08/26 2014 08:05PM

Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County – Students at Resica Elementary School in Monroe County will not have a playground this year. Volunteers tore down the playground the school and community shared earlier this summer. It was unsafe. They planned to build a new one but financial issues got in the way.


Danielle Hubbard has two sons who will attend Resica this year. Wyatt and Donovon were disappointed when they saw the empty lot.


Volunteers originally planned to put up the new playground in July. Financial issues pushed the build back to this week. Now, they don’t plan on doing the work until next summer."It was kind of sad because the school district had promised a certain amount of dollars to the school to build it and it didn't happen,” said Hubbard.


The East Stroudsburg School Board had planned to contribute $30,000 for the project. Volunteers bought supplies and hired a company to draw up plans. Later, the State Department of Education notified them that to use public money they would have to put the work up for bid. If they did that, all the money they already spent would go to waste. Hubbard frowned, "It's just sad all the way around."


Now, volunteers are trying to raise the money on their own. They need about $43,000. Hubbard said it is important so the kids have something to play on at recess. "I don't know what the kids could do to even play in the field. All I see is parking lot more or less that they can play in which doesn't look very fun either,” she remarked.


Principal Gail Kulick said students will play games like basketball, four square, and jump rope at recess. She also noted there is a car raffle to help with the playground fund. The winner will be announced October 19 at the Shawnee Food Truck Festival.


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