Scam Week: Scams Aimed at Senior Citizens

By Andy Mehalshick , Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 02/13 2014 08:26PM

Updated 02/14 2014 12:25AM


69 year old Elaine from Glen Lyon in Luzerne County knew something just wasn't right when a man called her house  phone and claimed he was a representative from Microsoft and wanted to help protect her computer from a virus.

The caller said they needed a payment right away and asked for her checking account numbers.
 Elaine's son over heard the conversation and jumped into action and got on the line.  He got the number off the caller id and gave it to the I-Team

Luzerne County Detective Chaz Balogh called the phone number as expected it was busy or dead. Balogh said a legitimate company would never asked for that type of information.

Balogh  says once you give out your personal information that could open up a Pandora's Box of trouble..he  recommends if you get a call like the company in question and law enforcement immediately.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told the I-Team  the company does not call a a customer on their phone. They will send warnings via email or even regular mail about a possible problem with a virus. Police investigators say these scammers target senior citizens...assuming that they are not computer savvy..

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