Scam Week: Email Scams

Published 04/30 2014 11:58PM

Updated 05/01 2014 12:12AM

Scam week is back this week!. We've already taken an in- depth look at con-artists posing as the irs and ripping off peoples credit cards. Tonight our Lead I-Team reporter Andy Mehalshick tells us about e-mail sweepstakes scams where you are asked to send money to get money.

 They look like the real deal..they look so legal and the con artists go to great lengths to look legitimate. ..all you have to do to claim your prize - one million in English Pounds is respond to the email. But computer crime experts say the red flags are everywhere.

  The email may indicate it is a gmail for example.  Luzerne County detective Chaz Balogh specializes in computer crimes..he says the url link on the top of your computer screen can give you better idea of where you are being directed.. 

Security experts advise peope not to respone in anyway because it will likely send you to a site that looks very official and legitimate and attempt to get your personal information. Detective Balogh suggest marking it as SPAM..

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