Scam Week: Airline Ticket Scam

Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County- They look so real an offer from airline companies for two free round trip tickets to anywhere in the united states--retail value nearly $1,400 dollars....the con artists don't discriminate.  Eyewitness News Director Jim DePury and his wife received scam letters in recent week..
 The I-Team decided to call the phone numbers on the letters
The man on the other end of the line says they work for a company that will soon be setting up in our area but he did not name that company.  When Eyewitness News asked where the man was located, he hung up.  We called back and got a recorded message.
 The Better Business Bureau put out an alert recently warning people that this is what is known as a "phishing scam"...
The  con artists try to get our personal information...such as social security numbers...and credit or debit card numbers .
If an offer sounds too good to be true- it probably is.

 U.S. Airways has an alert on their web site about the airlines scam. If you think you're the target of a scam, give the I-Team a call.

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