Rehab Center Shows Off Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Published 07/02 2014 06:11PM

Updated 07/03 2014 12:04AM

Pottsville, Schuylkill County - The Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center is showing off a recent purchase.

The rehabilitation center just got a new anti-gravity treadmill. It's designed to help people walk and uses the same technology as NASA.

"We're probably over 90 miles away to the closest facility that has something similar to this," John Simodejka, the President of Schuylkill Rehabilitation Center said.

On Tuesday members of the Schuylkill County Rehabilitation Center were eager to show off their unique piece of equipment.

"It allows a post-surgical, injury patient to take some weight off their joints," Robert Dusel, a physical therapist at the center, said. "

Eyewitness News was also given the chance to take the treadmill for a test run.

The machine uses specialized shorts and air pressure to help stabilize people. That puts the focus on building leg muscle and takes away a fear of falling.

"It kind of lifts you up," Dusel said. "It kind of takes some of the pressure off your legs, off your feet. You still have contact on a treadmill."

It's similar to aquatic therapy, but on the machine there's no resistance from water. That way legs are free to move like they would while walking.

Three different cameras allow therapists' to monitor movement from a variety of angles. That also allows them to better monitor the rehabilitation process.
"This is a machine that makes a believer out of everybody," Dusel said. "You get in it and it lifts you up. (You feel like) 'oh my God I'm taking normal steps, normal strides, I'm using both legs."

The center has only had the treadmill for two weeks and already they're getting great feedback.

"No matter what was causing gate issues for you now you have the capability to have a therapist with you and be able to walk," Simodejka said.

To learn more about the treadmill click here.

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