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U-S Boiler is recalling 26-thousand home heating boilers.
  The air pressure switch can fail to shut down the burners when there's a blockage in the vent system which could cause excessive amounts of carbon monoxide.
  This recall covers three models of cast iron hot water boilers that use natural gas or liquid petroleum to heat water for residential space heating.
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Important Safety Information
Models ESC-SCG-PVG Boilers
For Sea Level Build Boilers Only (0 to 4,999 ft.)

U.S. Boiler Company always strives to provide its customers with superior quality products, and as part of that process we periodically perform tests to help ensure our products meet or exceed all applicable standards and safety requirements. As part of these tests, it came to our attention that under certain circumstances on some ESC, SCG, & PVG boilers, excessive amounts of carbon monoxide could be emitted into the venting system that is piped to the outside of the home. Although no issues or problems have been reported, it is important that these units receive a field modification.

Please note that this situation does not apply to Size 3 and 4 PVG natural gas boilers. All other PVG boilers along with all ESC and SCG boilers will require field modification by a qualified heating installer/service person. Attached is a Boiler Identification Guide to help in determining if a particular boiler requires these modifications to be made.

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