Proposal For A New Criminal Justice and Courts Complex in Pike County

By Posted By: Nick Hughes , Sharon Gaeta

Published 06/25 2014 10:28PM

Updated 06/26 2014 12:11AM

Milford, Pike County- A proposal for a new Criminal Justice and Courts Complex in Pike County is causing major controversy.

A public workshop was held in Milford, where many voiced their concerns on how this could destroy tourism.

Wednesday Night at The Pike County Public Library in Milford, hundreds turned out to voice their concerns about The County Commissioner's Plan on building a new criminal justice and courts complex, adjacent to the existing court house.

The problem for many in Milford like Carl Frail: Location.

''I'm amazed at the size of this addition that they want to put on to this building and of course it doesn't look like the design that conforms to what we have here and I have serious questions as to whether they really need this."

This new proposed complex would include tearing down three buildings in the heart of the counties historic district,
one being the ken worthy building.

Frail has lived in the county for 19-years,  he says this decision will change what many have worked so hard to preserve.

"I think they should justify why they need this and why do they need it there right in the middle of town and ruin the facade of the entire area, " Frail said.

Sean Strub is The President of the Hotel Fauchere in Downtown Milford.

He says one main concern about this proposal is tourism.

"Viraly, every merchant in town opposed it, but the commissioners have attacked us as wing am elite and they call us the one percent because five hundred people signed a petition asking for a better plan," Straub mentioned.

Strub, along with many from the historic preservation trust of Pike County have tried to address their concerns, and have even offered several alternative plans, but say they haven't had much luck with the Pike County Commissioners.

"The commissioners won't even provide us the assumptions in terms of what their expecting in their future case loads for this facility what are they basing it on how was the space requirements determined."

There are plenty of other vacant buildings to use that wouldn't tear down three buildings in the historic district.

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