Pottsville Rolling Out "Courtesy" Ticket Program

By Andrew Forgotch | aforgotch@pahomepage.com

Published 07/23 2014 05:59PM

Updated 07/23 2014 08:04PM

Pottsville, Schuylkill County - Alice Harris was in Pottsville on Wednesday attending a friend's birthday party.

Harris, like most people, has had a panic attack when it comes to parking meters.

"You're always watching the clock to make sure you're not going to run out," she said. "It's a quarter every half-hour. So, you have to come down every two hours to fill the meter."

The Parking Authority in Pottsville is hoping to alleviate some of those worries along with opening some spots in the city.

Patrick Murphy, the authority chariman, said two random days a month people who violate the one hour parking spots, or who don't pay the meter, will be given a "courtesy ticket". The ticket won't come with a fine, but instead it'll tell folks where they can park for longer periods of time.

"We know that we as the Parking Authority need to constantly be looking to make sure there is an adequate amount of space available in downtown," Murphy said. "(We) also make sure the meters are being turned over."

Murphy, who's also a business owner in Pottsville, said he hopes it'll bring more people downtown along with creating some good will.

"What were trying to do is make it user friendly," he said.

Murphy told Eyewitness News that the program will cut down on the number of tickets the authority hands out, which means a loss of revenue for Pottsville. He said hopes the turnover of people means more business for local shops.

"That's our hope," he said. "That we let the people know that downtown Pottsville is beautiful. There's a lot to offer in downtown Pottsville."

Murphy said the program is only two days a month because they don't want people to abuse it.

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