Police: Mother and daughter hit by vehicle in Scranton

Crash is latest incident on South Main Avenue

SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) - Scranton police say a mother and her seven-year-old daughter are recovering tonight after being hit by a vehicle.

Investigators say it happened shortly before 7:00 PM Monday night in Scranton's west side.

The pedestrian crash happened in the 1200-block of South Main Avenue.

Investigators believe the 38-year-old woman from Scranton and her daughter were leaving a dance studio at the time they were hit.

Orange markings on the pavement indicate where the two people were hit.

Carl Cordero lives directly across the street.

His parents witnessed the crash as they were getting home.

"As soon as they shut the car down and closed the door my dad turned around and he said he heard the bang," Carl Cordero of Scranton said.

Investigators say the mother who was hit, Cindy Seman and her seven-year-old daughter both suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital.

The driver of the vehicle, Paul Ross of Scranton, did stop at the scene.

Investigators are still looking into exactly what happened and why.

"Usually when the classes get out this is pretty packed. All the cars are parked across the entire sidewalk here!" Cordero said.

The pedestrian crash is just the latest in a series of wrecks along South Main Avenue in West Scranton over the last few years.

In February 2015, a woman was killed while she tried to cross the street several blocks down.

In August 206, a man riding his bike was also hit and killed.

"I cross the street a lot of times and it's a little scary. It's a little scary!" Nancy Rose of Scranton said.

Rose walks this area almost every day.

She hopes this latest incident is a reminder for pedestrians to be more alert and for drivers to slow down.

"I think more signs maybe, slow them down a little bit or maybe the cops policing a little bit," Rose said. "Hide and catch them because they're flying!" 

The area where Monday's crash happened was in the middle of a city block.

While people do cross the street there on their own, it's not someplace that PennDOT would consider putting a crosswalk.

"PennDOT doesn't put crosswalks in the middle of the block because drivers are not aware of them. They're aware of crosswalks at intersections or at a stop sign or a red light," PennDOT Safety Press Officer Mike Taluto said.

At this point, Scranton police say the investigation into the pedestrian crash is still ongoing.

Officers say the injuries that the mother and daughter received did not appear to be life-threatening.


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