PGA Volunteers Training

- When you think of the PGA championship, most of us think of the pro-golfers. But the key to making this tournament a success is the volunteers.

More than 1,000 marshals will line every hole at Oak Hill and there is a lot to learn. For example, different arm bands determine who can step inside the ropes.

"If he gets over here trying to take photos just a friendly reminder please get one arms length away from ropes, right now," championship director David Charles said.

Flag signaling is a biggie for marshals.

"Don't go parallel come back once they hit signal which way they're going," Charles instructed the group of trainees.

Another important tip to being a marshal is keeping your eyes on the ball so if it happens to go out of bounds, the marshals have to follow the ball and make sure the know exactly where it is. First time volunteers are excited.

"This is where Tiger Woods will be walking and to have this so close to home; all everyone is talking about is PGA in Rochester," Rober Sawicki said.

Others are seasoned pros.

"I volunteered for three of the last five PGA events in Rochester at Oak Hill; fantastic, nothing bad about it, great people, a lot of fun," Michael Masiello said.

All the marshals are appreciated.

"If it wasn't for the volunteers this event wouldn't be possible takes an army to put this on," volunteer operations manager Erica Stoll said.

Coordinators rely greatly on the marshals to make sure it is a fair playing environment and to keep the galleries under control.

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