PGA Championship: Ready For Takeoff?

By Kevin Doran

Published 08/02 2013 03:45PM

Updated 08/02 2013 04:06PM

Training marshals is just one of the thousands of tasks on the Oak Hill Country Club to-do list.

Hundreds of people at Oak Hill Country Club have spent years preparing for the PGA Championship. The General Chairman of the PGA Championship, Marty Glavin, and Manager of Golf Courses and Grounds, Jeff Corcoran, are leading the charge on two fronts. Marty off the golf course, Jeff on it.

"Are you where you want to be," I asked.

"We're absolutely where we want to be," Glavin said.

"What we're doing now is really tightening the screws, the fine details, getting the green speeds where we want them," Corcoran said.
A city within a city has been built at Oak Hill.  For the next week it'll be home to 3,800 volunteers and more than 200,000 visitors.

"We'll be having spectators from all 50 states and I believe we're going to have spectators from 46 different countries," Glavin said.

Ninety-five corporate suites are sold out.

"I think this time around we had several new venues and priced it to our market. And they went fast," he said.

Glavin says everything is on track. The weather is the only thing you can't control.

"I think that really selfishly for a lot of different reasons we hope there is no rain. More rain equals more damage, more restoration work," Corcoran said.

That is because another project begins when the tournament ends.

"People don't realize that after the trophy is awarded and there is a champion, you know after the tournament we have to go through the process of actually restoring oak hill and getting the product back for our membership," Corcoran said.

It has been hectic, but a lot of fun for everyone involved.

"But we've been working on it for three years and we can't wait for it to happen. It's kind of like Christmas. You work so hard to get ready and it does appear to be over quickly, but we're still excited," Glavin said.

Excited for the community to come out to Oak Hill and enjoy all their hard work.

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