Paving Work Expected to Cause Back-Ups in the Abingtons

Published 04/18 2014 04:03PM

Updated 04/20 2014 05:12PM

Drivers in part of Lackawanna County are being put on notice that major back-ups are expected in part of the Abingtons next week.

PennDOT plans to repave part of Route 407, which is also known as South Abington Road, starting on Tuesday.

The project calls for six miles of the road to be repaved from South Abington Township all the way up to Waverly.

The biggest delays may happen right when the project begins because all of the work will start at the intersection with Route 6&11.

Sandy Pagnani has owned City Limits Hair Studio on South Abington Road for 19 years.

She is just finding out details of the paving project which is expected to begin next week right outside her front door.

"I think our scheduling will be impacted, people will be coming in late for their appointments and running behind and yeah, it'll be chaos. It will be chaos," Pagnani said.

Starting Tuesday, PennDOT plans to pave the road in four different sections.

The first section from Route 6&11 up to Venard Road/Grove Street is expected to cause the most problems.

Officials expect traffic to most likely back-up on Route 6&11. That is very close to the Interstate 81 and Pennsylvania Turnpike interchanges.

"What we're trying to do is to get as many people as possible to go up and use Grove Street and go in that way," PennDOT spokesman James May said. "If the public can do that, that will help with the traffic down here tremendously."

"I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled. Best news I've heard in a few days," Bruce Burns of Clarks Green said.

While doing yard work along Route 407, Bruce Burns says the paving project is desperately needed.

"That's a great idea, I can't wait for it to happen. It's been a long winter with lots of holes. It'll be a major improvement," Burns said.

The paving will all be done during the day, from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM and one lane of traffic will still be able to get through but officials are warning of back-ups.

For Sandy Pagnani, she wishes the work could be done at night but knows the short-term inconvenience will mean long-term gains.

"I know there's a "pro" to all of this so sometimes you have to suffer it out a little bit for a better thing," Pagnani said.

According to the contractor, the work will be broken down into four sections. Each section will take approximately one week to complete.

Week 1: Route 6/11/Northern Boulevard to Grove Street
Week 2: Grove Street to Miller Road
Week 3: Miller Road to Carbondale Road
Week 4: Carbondale Road to just North of Waverly Township border

School bus pickup and drop off times and routes will not be altered during the working hour restrictions.

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