Operation Nighthawk

By Jayne Ann Bugda | jbugda@pahomepage.com

Published 07/20 2014 02:41AM

Updated 07/21 2014 12:02AM

Williamsport, Lycoming County-They call it Operation Nighthawk. State and local police crisscross Williamsport and other communities looking for anyone driving dangerously. Police say driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have deadly consequences. Nearly fifty officers began their night in a classroom at the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Experts gave presentations on the letter of the law.
"The rules and procedures change all the time in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. So we have to be up to date on what we can do safely, efficiently and what is lawful when we do pull somebody over and we put them through the motions for a DUI case." said Lt. Todd Weltmer of the PA State Police
Not every driver is detained but all must meet with police. Some are let go like this man pulled over downtown. A few blocks away a woman speaks with police outside her car. Penalties for DUI include loss of license, jail time, and hefty fines.
Weltmer again
Generally DUI in Pennsylvania is going to cost you a lot of money especially if you need to hire an attorney and go through the process. It could cost you up to five thousand dollars. :11
Operation Nighthawk pairs State Troopers with local police officers to handle each incident. Police say drugs were found in this car. A second team is called to the scene to stay with the vehicle while the driver is taken away.
Drivers taken into custody are brought here to the Williamsport Hospital. Inside is a DUI processing center. And depending on the results of medical testing done inside, police have the option of criminal charges. 
While not every incident results in an arrest, police say the entire operation serves a purpose.

"There are two every five minutes in the United States that get killed by a drunk driver. We want everyone to be safe and have the opportunity to go home and enjoy their families. That is part of the reason we go out and do this."

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