Online Tool Will Help Detectives Catch Thieves

By Laurie Monteforte |

Published 06/18 2014 04:38PM

Updated 06/18 2014 10:20PM

Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Monroe County detectives are now part of It’s a website that helps them track down stolen goods.


Pawn Shops and cash for gold businesses in Pennsylvania must register all purchases they make with the district attorney’s office. The information helps detectives find stolen items. Chief County Detective Eric Kerchner said, "The only way, generally to recover that property is to identify the person that sold it to a pawn shop or sold it on Ebay or sold it in some other manner."


Monroe County detectives have used paper files for years. They can be difficult to go through and they don’t help if a thief sold an item outside of the county. Local detectives say the nationwide Leads Online database will help. Now, instead of sending paper files, pawn shops and cash for gold businesses will log their sales online.


Several pawn shops and cash for gold business employees said they don’t like the idea. They believe it will be a hassle and some say their computer systems can't handle it. None of them wanted to speak publically.


Chief County Detective Eric Kerchner wants to expand the registration requirements. He said the state already requires gold buying businesses to log jewelry purchases. He wants local municipalities to require pawn shops and similar businesses to log all valuable purchases. He said the district attorney’s office would help those municipalities prepare ordinances.


The public can also use You can register your valuables on the website so that if anyone ever takes them, there is a record.

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