Olympic Families Touring Russia

For many families wanting to watch their loved ones compete at their peak ---the idea of planning and pricing out that kind of trip can be overwhelming
Something Adam Daily knows all about
"My wife and I competed at the Olympic trials and we were Razorbacks in the year 2000 and our entire families came out and watched and we knew we probaby didn't have a very good chance of making the team but they all still wanted to be out there."
And it's a moment. No parent wants to miss
Now a company he founded in the States called Ludes tours helps other family's avoid becoming over whelmed when the chance to podium arrives.
Families like Mary Antoine whose son Matt is here to compete In the Skelton
"Oh my gosh it's so much larger than we thought it was"

"It's a big thing for us to be able to take care of these athletes and their families for the most part they don't get much support they qualify late because the U.S.O.C. wants to sent the best team possible so they want the people in the best shape at the last minute unfortunately that leaves the families in this awkward position of where do I go? What do I who? Do I book and what happens." said Adam Dailey of Ludes Tours
And that's where the company Dailey founded comes in and helps make the family's visit a great experience.

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