Olympic "Bulldog": Jayson Terdiman

By Jayne Ann Bugda | jbugda@pahomepage.com

Published 01/31 2014 08:04PM

Updated 02/12 2014 03:58PM

"Every run is an adreniline rush and it keeps me coming back everytime." said Jayson Terdiman, US Luge Olympic Team

That rush comes from flying down a frozen slide at close to 90 mph, but it's a feeling Jayson Terdiman never would have experienced if it wasn't for his mom.

Kathryn Terdiman told Eyewitness News
"I saw a flyer at work for luge tryouts and I asked Jayson if he wanted to try luge and he said, "mom, what's luge?" and I said, I'm not sure but the boy on the poster looks like he is having a great time"

Now it's Jayson having the great time. The Berwick High School graduate qualified for the US Olympic Team in Doubles Luge and admittedly he's come a long way from those first tryouts on a concerte course when he was 11...
"First run was pretty bad, hit haybails 3 or 4 teams, 2nd run was perfect, didn't have any problems after that."  said Jayson

As you would expect, in a tight-knit community like Berwick support is booming for their local Olympian.

There's a Team Terdiman Group on Facebook and you'll find signs wishing him well throughout Columbia and Luzerne County.

He's even getting his own fan club. 


His parents jay and kathryn are making the trip to sochi, and they say that's the moment when they'll probaly realize this dream is a reality.
Jayson will be competing in the Doubles Luge event at the Winter Olympics. The first day for that competion is February 12th...

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