NYC Man Arrested After Police Pursuit Spans Two Counties

Published 06/10 2014 06:31PM

Updated 06/10 2014 06:50PM

A New York City man is facing charges in connection with a police chase Tuesday morning that started in Luzerne County and ended in Lackawanna County.

It happened around 9:00 AM when a Duryea police officer tried to stop an erratic driver and he took off.

The police pursuit came to an end in the 300/400-block of South Main Street in Taylor.

Taylor police basically boxed in the suspect as he approached them because they were concerned about PennDOT workers who had just started a road project.

The suspect did not go quietly and three police officers were injured in a struggle to get the suspect in handcuffs.

With bruises still visible on his face, Janusz Uruski was led out of the Taylor Police Department TUesday afternoon.

"Sorry, no wrong," is all Uruski said.

While hard to understand, police say the 54-year-old was also hard to take into custody as the chase came to an end.

"He was tased, pulled the probes out, he was tased a total of four times and pulled the probes out and fought with us right to the end and then finally, exhaustion, I think he just gave up," Taylor police officer Stephen Derenick said.

Cell phone video provided by Shannon Sosnak showed how the chase came to an end.

Neighbors watched in shock as cops took Uruski into custody.

"When I heard all the noise, I went out to see what was happening," neighbor Don Wylam said.

Don Wylam couldn't believe all the police officers that responded and the fact that it took four tasers to subdue the man.

"He had to be a strong person, that's all I think about that because if you got me once, I'd be down," Wylam joked.

Taylor police say the initially weren't going to get involved in the pursuit but realized they needed to take action when the suspect was headed for a PennDOT work zone.

Uruski will face an additional charge because of that fact.

"The reckless endangerment he's being charged with was because of the road construction going on. He placed the PennDOT workers in fear of death or serious bodily injury," Derenick said.

Uruski's vehicle was impounded at a Scranton auto shop but as of right now, police say they don't know why he wouldn't stop for them.

Cops don't believe Uruski was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol.

"We have no idea why he did it. He will not talk to us," Derenick said. "Nothing. Nothing at all."

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