Noxen Rattlesnake Round-Up

By Jasmine Brooks |, Jayne Ann Bugda |, Posted By: Nick Hughes

Published 06/18 2014 12:49PM

Updated 06/22 2014 01:07PM

Noxen, Wyoming County- When she's not helping prepare the grounds below, 24-year-old Alaisha Sherwood is scouting the mountains surrounding her small community of Noxen in Wyoming County.

Alaisha will hunt for rattlesnakes again this year at the Noxen Volunteer Fire Company's Annual Rattlesnake Round-up.
"Your goal is to get a male snake which is anything over 42-inches and 21-foot scales." Alaisha told Eyewitness News.

Between forty and fifty hunters will head deep into the mountains all day Saturday and Sunday.

Most who participate are men, but that's not stopping Alaisha and a talented pair of sisters.

Staci Stine is 17-years-old and this will be her third time at the snake time catching snakes.

Staci took home a trophy last year for catching the most species.

She caught nearly a dozen different kinds, including rattlesnake, a copperhead and her favorite, a milk snake.
"They're just nice to you. They like to cuddle up and go around your hands. I have them on my fingernails too," noted Staci.
"I think it's exciting. I like it."  chimed in Kendra Stine, Staci's sister
If you're planning on going rattlesnake hunting. You'll need a snake hook, boots at least 17-inches high, a bag stick and a jug.
"We'll get between five and ten thousand people at this event. We get hunters all the way from Virginia. We get people who plan their vacations around coming here." added Matt McCormack of the Noxen Volunteer Fire Company.

With a following that dates back to 1972, the fire company depends on this unique four day event to keep going.
"It's the primary fundraiser for our fire company. It helps us keep the gas in the trucks, water in the tanks and helps protect the lives and property of the people in Noxen."  said McCormack.

All snakes are unharmed and released after the hunt. 



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