No Bail for John Tanis; Police Still Searching Moosic Home

Published 04/17 2014 05:02PM

Updated 04/17 2014 07:47PM

A Moosic man who is accused of animal abuse will not be getting out of jail right away.

A judge held a bail hearing for John Tanis Thursday as police spent a second day serving a search warrant on his home.

Police have been at Tanis' Main Street home around the clock since he was taken into custody on Tuesday.

For the second day in a row, police officers in HazMat suits and masks were seen coming-and-going from the Tanis property.

Utilities to the home have been shut off, borough leaders have deemed the home unsafe and police have been watching it constantly.

"At this point, the search warrant is just a furtherance of our investigation," Assistant District Attorney Mike Ossont said.

The search continued on the same day that John Tanis appeared in court for a bail hearing.

After a police officer testified that a total of three dogs were found in his possession Monday night, when he was only supposed to have one, a judge said Tanis will remain in prison for now.

With Tanis expected to undergo a mental health evaluation Thursday night the judge said he may grant bail in the future but it would be "substantial" and Tanis would not be allowed to have any dogs.

"It was clear at this point that he had more than one dog and the judge at this point, after giving him a second chance, I believe was just fed-up," Ossont said.

In making his decision, the judge said Tanis is either playing a "shell game" with dogs or a "word game" with him. The judge also said Moosic police have more important things to be doing than counting dogs on Tanis' property.

Police and prosecutors have not yet said exactly what they have found in searching Tanis' property over the last two days.

"Based on any criminal activity that we may see, there could be a possibility of more charges. We'll just have to see where the investigation takes us at this point," Ossont said.

Prosecutors say there is also the possibility they could file perjury charges against Tanis for what he said under oath in court last week.

They are waiting for transcripts of the court hearing last week before making any decisions.

Tanis is expected to face trial on animal cruelty charges on May 5th.

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