Neile and Tim Mix and Mingle in Russia

Sochi, Russia-Reporting. Tim and Neile usually start their days with the "Today Show" . So when they had a chance to catch up with the Today Show team in Sochi-- they were very excited. They talked with Meredith Viera, Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer about covering the Olympics.

Tim and Neile also chatted with  Willie Geist, co-host of MSNBC'S Morning Joe. Geist told them this experience is totally different than London and Vancouver
 "This total culture shock nobody speaks the language. Food is very different,  the traditions, the disposition of the people. So it's been great though because I've been pleasantly surprised not knowing a whole lot about Russian culture how friendly everybody's been and how helpful everybody's been."

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer talked to  Tim and Neile about drama on the Olympic stage, the highs and lows are both surreal and challenging.

Savannah Guthrie, TODAY Show Co-Anchor said "Just to be here in person and seeing the athletes do so well it's their big moment you cannot help but get swept up in it and I have to tell you ever time I see a medals ceremony I get the chills for our national anthem and sometimes also for other national anthems there's just something about that moment where someone's whole life of work is realized and it's really special."

(Matt Lauer, TODAY Show Co-Anchor added  "I think what Savannah said is true and also on the other side it's great when you meet somebody and they've just accomplished their lifelong dream.  It's also a lot of responsibility for us when we interview someone whose just fallen a little but short because you've gotta kinds treat those people with kid gloves and that's why there is this roller coaster of emotion at the Olympic Games."   Our continuing winter olympic coverage continues Wednesday morning on Eyewitness News Daybreak- Tim touches on the topic that has got a lot of people talking -- the weather!

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