Moosic Woman Sentenced for Sexually Assaulting Boys

Published 06/13 2014 04:27PM

Updated 06/13 2014 06:03PM

A Lackawanna County woman will spend up to 17 years in prison after being accused of sexually assaulting two young boys.

Kimberly Eiden of Moosic was sentenced Friday morning.

In January, Eiden pleaded no contest to three different criminal counts. Pleading no contest means she does not admit guilt but can be sentenced the same way.

Her victims were just 12 and 13 years old.

Her attorney believes the sentenced of 8.5-17 years was harsh.

"She needs treatment more than she needs punishment or incarceration," defense attorney Paul Walker said.

In May 2013, the neighborhood where the 43-year-old woman lived, the area of Corey and Oak Streets in Moosic, was in shock by the allegations.

Police say one boy told them Eiden would buy him chewing tobacco and cigarettes and while at her house she would give him beer and Xanex.

The victim said that led to kissing and sexual contact both inside and outside of her home multiple times.

"The victims will have a long road ahead of them to get through this but this is another step in the process towards closure," Deputy District Attorney Jennifer McCambridge said.

In court Friday, Eiden did not apologize but her attorney says part of what happened may have come from her background and experiences.

"Kim suffered a horrendous psychological injury when she was in her early teens and never was treated for it," defense attorney Paul Walker said.

Prosecutors say that's no excuse for Eiden to abuse two boys, who were kids in her neighborhood or simply staying in her neighborhood.

"I think the mesage is always to be cautious, to listen to your kids, to make sure they have an outlet, a place where they feel safe to make sure they know its not their fault," McCambridge said.

In addition to her prison sentence, the judge also sentenced Kimberly Eiden to 11 years probation and she will have to register as a sexually violent predator for the rest of her life.

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