Missing Statue Of President Obama Found!

By Eyewitness News , Jayne Ann Bugda | jbugda@pahomepage.com, Sharon Gaeta

Published 08/21 2014 11:58AM

Updated 08/21 2014 06:28PM

UPDATE:White Haven- President Obama has been found!
    The life-size statue of the Commander-in-Chief that went missing from a Wilkes-Barre woman's porch has been found in Luzerne County.
    Wilkes-Barre police say a fisherman found the statue in Francis E. Walter Dam in White Haven Thursday morning.
    He notified police and Wilkes-Barre D-P-W workers are in the process of returning the statue.


    Bill Phillips couldn't  believe his eyes Thursday morning when he saw President Obama at Francis E. Walter dam in White Haven.
"I just happen to glance down at the picnic table down here  and I was like no it really isn't . so I came down and drove around up next to it and looked at it and just bursts out laughing."

    Of course  it wasn't the Commander in Chief himself ...but a life size  statue of President Obama.
     After seeing news reports he knew it was the statue stolen from a Wilkes-Barre woman's porch earlier this week so he called authorities.

Phillips called police..meanwhile ... snapped his first selfie with the president and a few more..

 But it wasn't long before the life size statue  was hauled onto a truck and .. returned to his rightful owner, Tiffany Bruce. - who was very relieved.


" Yes I'm happy and I hope he stays there."

Bruce's only compliant
"He is kind of bruised up , cracked fingers or whatever but he is fine. "

 While bruce wasn't happy about what happened to her 13 hundred dollar statue , Phillips thinks it was probably just a  prank.
"I'm just glad he is back." said Bruce  "I don't wanna press charges or anything. it was probably a stupid prank and they got scared because of all the publicity."

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