Man Helps Save Teen From Burning Building

Published 08/25 2014 04:40PM

Updated 08/25 2014 07:16PM


Stroudsburg, Monroe County – Home care worker Zujey Rivera was cleaning a house on Second Street in Stroudsburg when the children inside told her they saw flames. It was around one in the afternoon. She said she rushed to get everyone out of the house. She ran into a wall of fire as she tried to reach a 16 year old girl in an attic room. "It was on the walls. It was just going up. Everything was just going up,” she recalled.


The flames forced Rivera back. "I just kinda freaked out like I didn't want to leave her in there. I'm like we gotta get her out somehow someway,” she said.

That’s when Glenn Thomas, who was walking to the grocery store, noticed the girl. "I just seen her hanging out the top of a three story window and there was smoke coming out,” he said. Thomas ran to the house, stood under her window, and told her to jump. "I was just like all right I got you. I went under and I put my hands out and she like all right and she just let herself go and I grabbed her,” he said.


Thomas noticed she had cuts on her arms that may have been from broken glass. An ambulance brought her to the hospital. It does not appear her injuries are life threatening.


Some people called Thomas a hero. He disagreed. "I wouldn't say all that. I mean I was just going by to get groceries. Who wouldn't a did that?” he remarked.


Firefighters say it’s too early to say for sure what caused the fire. People who lived in the home said it had electrical issues in the past.

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