Man Dies After Being Tased By Police

Published 08/08 2014 10:31PM

Updated 08/08 2014 11:08PM

Tamaqua, Schuylkill County- A man is dead after police in Schuylkill County tried to bring him under control with a taser.  The investigation now lies in the hands of the Pennsylvania State Police.  Police usually use tasers as a safer option to subdue a suspected criminal.  At this time it's unclear how the man died, but now an investigation is underway.

According to State Police, 38-year-old Jose Paulino was running around this parking lot at Fegely's Mini Mart on Center Street in Tamaqua around 4:00 Friday morning shouting obscenities. William Reppy, of Orwigsburg, travels through the area and says "it's unusual for this area and this community."

When the Tamaqua Police showed up, Paulino would not listen to orders, running into the neighboring Sunoco lot, continuing what's described as aggressive behavior.  To bring him under control, Tamaqua Police used a taser.  Shortly after, Paulino died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Now people in the community are reacting.

"To have to be tased several times and to be out that late, running around a parking lot 4:00 in the morning shouting obscenities, he had to be on something i would imagine," says Ben Lewis, of Middleport.  Reppy says "very rarely do we see any kind of violence activity, any shootings, anything of that nature."  Everyone we spoke with side with police, saying they handled the situation accordingly.  Keith Bieber, of Tamaqua, says "I think the cops handled it the way they were supposed to handle it.  I think they had to do what they ha to do to protect themselves and the other people around."  Lowell Koch, also of Tamaqua, says "the cops were doing their job."

Now, it's up the state police investigation to reveal if the tasing was justified.  "After the investigation we will know if there was appropriate action or not," says Reppy. 

An autopsy must determine the cause of Paulino's death.

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