Man Accused of Murdering Neighbors Faces Judge

By Laurie Monteforte |

Published 05/05 2014 05:41PM

Updated 05/06 2014 01:00AM

Snydersville, Monroe County – A man accused of murdering two neighbors in Eldred Township, Monroe County will head to court. Police say Garry Flyte shot two neighbors to death but his family claims that he doesn’t remember anything.


In March, police say Flyte walked to his neighbor’s house then shot Jeffery Place, his son Steven Powell, and their dog. Garry’s wife, Patricia said, "That was not Garry. That just wasn't him."


Patricia said her husband had been acting strange. n"He was just saying he was hearing voices and heard people running around outside,” she said.


Garry’s son, Ray, told Eyewitness News police had come to the house before when neighbors complained Garry was walking around with a gun and saying he saw cowboys and Indians outside. Police couldn’t do anything about it because he wasn’t breaking the law. Ray said, "The way the laws are, you can't really have anybody committed in less they threaten to kill someone or themselves. I don't understand the laws."


Patricia said she and Garry have been married almost 39 years and he never had any violent tendencies. She said, "He's sorry. He don't know what, that's what really hurts him because they talked. They got along good." Ray added, "When he was normal, I don't know what went wrong with him but before that he would take his shirt off and help anybody and do anything for anyone."


Garry’s family and the victims’ family are struggling to comprehend what happened. "I go through all kinds of denials,” said Ray. "He don't remember anything. He don't remember. He doesn't know why. I just don't understand."


A trial date has not yet been set.

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