Make Lunchtime Fun

Published 08/04 2009 09:23AM

Updated 08/06 2009 11:21AM

Lunchtime doesnt have to be boring for you or your kids. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to make lunchtime fun.

  1. Large set of kids cookie cutters; animal shapes, holidays, letters etc.
  2. Stickers, stickers and more stickers. Pick up the packages that are on
    sale for use throughout the year
  3. Check out your party supply store for discontinued packs of napkins
    on sale. Select favorite characters, themes and holidays.
  4. Include a note wishing a child good luck on a test or telling them you love them
  5. Include comics cut out of the newspaper or a snapshot, printout a word puzzle or coloring sheet and pen and crayons (the dollar stores have small 5 packs of crayons that would be perfect, or reuse the ones you get at a restaurant)
  6. Change up the bread you use…. Why not make a turkey & cheese sandwich on a hot dog but or hoagie bread.  You can even use tortillas and roll them up and cut them into pinwheels holding them together with decorative toothpicks. 
  7. Why not use a hot dog bun, spread with peanut butter and then place a banana in it for a new twist on the peanut butter & banana sandwich
  8. Freeze the 100% juice boxes and they will remain cold for lunch and help keep other items cold until time to eat.
  9. Celebrate the special days.  For example, cut sandwiches into hearts on Valentine's day or include a cupcake on a birthday.  You could include fortune cookies to celebrate the Chinese New Year and include a note telling about the different zodiac signs as well as what sign they are.  Makes for great conversation around the table as they decide who's a rat and who's a monkey.
  10. For the child that likes boiled eggs, why not draw a face on it. 
  11. Fill an ice cream cone with berries
  12. Keep those extra packets of sauce and ketchup from the fast food place and include in the child's lunch for dipping.
  13. Cut a veggie (cucumber, bell pepper) in half and scoop out the middle filling it with tuna, chicken or egg salad.  Insert celery or carrot stick in it and attach a slice of cheese or lettuce cut in triangle shape for the sail.  Carry out the theme with Goldfish crackers to snack on.
  14. If your child carries a brown paper bag, let them dress it up stickers or let them color a picture

Most importantly, have fun!

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