Luzerne County Police Department Setting Up Database For Dogs

By Andrew Forgotch |, Posted By: Nick Hughes

Published 06/23 2014 11:39PM

Updated 06/24 2014 12:00AM

Larksville, Luzerne County - Kelcie Hromisin, a Larksville resident, is very close with her Shih Tzu, Peanut.

"We've had her about seven or eight years," Hromisin said.

She told Eyewitness News that she would be heartbroken if she ever got loose.

It looks like she is in luck.

A recent increase in the calls for dogs running loose has prompted the Larksville Police Department to set up a database dedicated to all the dogs registered in the borough.

The idea is to get every dog photographed and couple it with the owners information. That info would be placed in every police cruiser. And when an officer comes across a dog running loose they have a way to contact its owner.   

"I think it's excellent because anything could happen to the dogs," Chris Domashinski, a dog owner in Larksville, said. "They can get out of the house, out of the garage."   

Police said most times when they come across a dog it's tough to get close enough to read it's license.   

Ellen McCormick runs the Luzerne/Lackawanna Lost Dog Project, a group dedicated to reuniting lost dogs with their owners, said she only sees good things with the database.

"I think the pictures are huge," McCormick said. "That's what gets the dogs home. Especially if it's a mixed breed. I think it would be great if the whole county would do it."

There is an ordinance in Larksville that requires dog owners to keep control of of their dogs.

Police said if a dog is found once using the database an owner will usually only get a warning.

Domashinski, who has three dogs, said she plans on getting her dogs on the database.

"At least I know that they'll (the police) be out there looking for them," she said. "They'll have  a picture. They'll have the information. They'll know where they belong."

It costs an owner $10 to get their dog on the database.

To learn more information about where and when to get your dog registered, click here.

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