Little League Baseball Luncheon Kicks off World Series Events

By Valerie Tysanner |, Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 06/11 2014 11:37PM

Updated 06/11 2014 11:53PM

South Williamsport, Lycoming County-  It was a day of memories and baseball in South Williamsport on Wednesday
Bill Blair one of the original Little League Players was among the many people who took part in a Little League Luncheon.
"It is really terrific knowing that we kids started something 75 years ago and its grown from 3 teams 42 boys to millions of kids all over the world, its just fantastic

As little league celebrates its 75th anniversary this year some of the players who started it all are taking a moment to reflect... on the world wide event's humble origins.
"As a kid we played baseball all day, from morning to night." noted Blair
Bill Blair was at a Little League luncheon Wednesday he and Richard Hauser both played ball with little league founder Carl Stolz 75 years ago.
  "He  (Stoltz) said how would you like to play on a team, I said come on, what do you mean play on a team, real ball, real bat?
Flash forward ... and they're pulling baseballs from a bag ... determining which teams will play each other... at the 75th little league world series.

"It is a thrill seeing these kids play because some of these kids are going to advance and become professionals, they will be in the big leagues someday
  Original little league players say they are still amazed just to see how little league has transformed into this over the last 75 years
"He's (Stoltz) looking down somewhere and scratching his head, and wondering, "what did I start!" and how did it grow like this, it's unbelievable." beamed Hauser

And now... the team Uncles are selected. The schedule... set. All that remains is for the world's eye to turn once more... to Lamade stadium, in South Williamsport in August.

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