Lifeguards Remind Swimmers About Safety During Holiday Weekend

By Andrew Forgotch |, Posted By: Nick Hughes

Published 07/05 2014 06:07PM

Updated 07/06 2014 02:46PM

Pottsville, Schuylkill County - Kids splashing around and enjoying themselves weren't too hard to find at the John F. Kennedy pool in Pottsville Saturday afternoon.

It also wasn't difficult to find a lifeguard.

Christian Newton is one of the lead lifeguards at the pool. He was quick to offer safety tips to anyone looking to take a dip to cool down over the weekend.

"Never swim alone," Newton advised. "That's usually the biggest one. Because when you swim alone you run the greatest risk of drowning."

Newton told Eyewitness News he's never encountered a tragedy at the pool on a holiday weekend and it's his job to keep it that way.
"Another tip is don't swim without a lifeguard present at a public pool," he said.

Newton suggested that if you're swimming at home it's a good idea to avoid adding alcohol into the mix.

"Normally if people get more into the festivities (they) tend to be in the pool and slouch," he said. "Therefor if nobody is certified in saving somebody that could pose a great risk."

In order to keep himself safe Ted Gurecki, who lives in Pottsville, said it's important to know your own limits.

"As soon as I get tired I get out," he said. "Then I'll sit out for a while and go back in. You have to know your own body."

Newton says to avoid overheating it's important to watch for symptoms like dry mouth. He said if you get to that point it's probably a good idea to take a break.

"Get out and get hydrated," he suggested. "Maybe get something to eat."

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