LCTA Ghost Rider Probe Takes Strange Turn With Alleged Witness Intimidation

- An LCTA bus driver says he was the victim of witness intimidation--  The driver has been cooperating with State investigators looking into alleged Ghost Riders on LCTA buses-- A Statewide Investigating Grand Jury heard testimony from 20 LCTA employees and managers in recent months--Drivers told the I-Team they were ordered to pad ridership numbers-those numbers are used to determine certain levels of State and Federal funding given to the LCTA- A driver told Eyewitness News that a man driving a Wilkes-Barre City van pulled up to his bus and put his finger up to his lips in such a way as to indicate that he should keep quiet--  Sources within the LCTA told the I-Team that an agent from the State Attorney General's Office served a subpoena at the LCTA headquarters on Tuesday seeking video from the bus--  This reporter tracked down the white van and also spoke to the city employee who normally drives the van-the employee, who we are not identifying at this point in time, said this was the first time he heard about the incident and admitted he normally drives the van in question--the employee said he had no other comment until he spoke to other people-he did not elaborate what he meant by other people- Mayor Tom Leighton said the city had not received a complaint from the bus driver nor have they been contacted by State investigators-Leighton said he would speak with city employee-  LCTA officials had no comment on the incident but insisted they have been cooperating with investigators--  Eyewitness News has to point out that nobody has been accused of wrong doing-

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