Labor Day Salute to Vets at Revvin' For Heaven in Hazleton

By Mark Hiller |

Published 09/01 2014 05:34PM

Updated 09/01 2014 07:36PM

Hazle Township, Luzerne County -- The roar of nearly two dozen motorcycles filled the Laurel Mall parking lot for the 2nd annual Revvin' For Heaven. Once again, the event was held on Labor Day as a way to honor veterans. "This is important for all of us bikers, everyone, to show support for our troops... for those in the service now, for those who have served," said Wyoming Valley Motorcycle Club Secretary Dr. Mark Bohn.

Military Veterans fired their rifles in salute to the men and women who answered America's call. Some who did became disabled along the way. Retired Army First Sergeant Joseph "Sarge" Heintz of Hazleton, who gets around on a motorized power scooter, served 43 years in the military. He made sure he attended the event that benefits the organization "Disabled American Veterans" or DAV. "If it wasn't for the DAV, I wouldn't be getting this scooter, wheelchair, medical supplies, medicine or anything."

Retired Army First Lieutenant Roman Baran who survived the Vietnam War serves as a DAV volunteer driver. "Most all of our veterans... it's the only way that they have of getting to their appointment," said the Hazleton man. "We provide many, many thousands of volunteer hours and we provide a million miles."

Organizers raffled off a 2001 NASCAR photo to raise funds for DAV and just as important raise awareness to the organization. "All the donations that we get stay 100 percent right here in the community. And we use that money for, say, taking the guys out of the V.A. Hospital to say, like, to a Phillies baseball game or something," said Revvin' For Heaven organizer Jim Waschko of Freeland.

All proceeds from Revvin' For Heaven benefit Disabled American Veterans' Mountain City Chapter 3 in Hazleton.

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