Kids For Cash Movie Shown To Reporters In Luzerne County

It's called the Kids for Cash movie and it tells the very dark story of two corrupt Luzerne County Judges who hatched a scheme to send juveniles to private detention centers in exchange for million dollars in kickbacks--The documentary tells the stories of several of the juveniles and their families-- The movie also includes interviews with former Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan- Reporters who watched the screening reacted to it- Mary Therese Biebel from the Times Leader said, "I thought it was well balanced--It was also a walk down memory lane when I saw y former colleagues who worked on it so professionally--"  Rocky Rhodes from KRZ-FM  98-5 said, "Every time Ciavarella opened his mouth it made the case against him even stronger-" CW Colwell PA Live's Movie Guy reacted as well- "It showed a spotlight on a very dark time in our local history_" The movie opens nationwide the first week in February-

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