Kids Are Tech Savvy At Young Age!

Published 03/07 2014 06:13AM

Updated 04/10 2014 06:22AM

I keep a sheet of paper with me at all times while I am working in the office in order that I can write down interesting topics to blog about.  On some occasions, I jot a note to remind me of all of the cute and clever things my patients say.  Wish I had done this when my own children were growing parents make sure you do, some things are priceless.

We have a rack of pamphlets in our office that hang in each exam room. When parents and kids are waiting, they will look at different pamphlets about a wide variety of topics. Parents even give them to their toddlers to amuse them and they may happily read, "going thru puberty", or "do you have seasonal allergies?'' at the age of 2.  Most children are happy just looking at the pictures. (yes, we also have tons of books for them to read, but for some reason these pamphlets are always a hit).

So, I walked into the exam room the other day to see this precocious 8 year old boy. He had been perusing the pamphlet on ADHD.  He immediately started chatting away when he said, "Dr. Hubbard, why does this little boy on the front of the pamphlet have a string wrapped around his finger?"  At first I didn't understand what he was referring to, then I looked at the brochure and indeed there was a boy with a caption....."does your child forget everything?" and the boy had strings wrapped around many of his fingers.  

I started explaining to him that some children who have problems with attention and focus forget things, so their parents would wrap a string around their child's fingers to remind them to bring home their back pack, or their homework.  Clever way to help them remember things, right?

This little boy thought for a minute and had a puzzled look in his eye.  After a few seconds he looked right at me and said, "does he not have a device to remind him?"  Out of the mouth of babes!

Time for new brochures.....that are current for the "tech-ag"e!

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