Jury Selected in Neil Pal Homicide Trial in Lackawanna County

By Eric Deabill | edeabill@pahomepage.com

Published 06/02 2014 05:48PM

Updated 06/02 2014 06:40PM

Prosecutors are expected to present their opening statement Tuesday morning in the homicide trial of Neil Pal in Lackawanna County.

After an entire day of questioning potential jurors, a jury was selected to hear the case around 4:30 PM on Monday.

The jury will be made up of six men and six women along with four alternates.

Pal, who was dressed in a dark suit and red tie, was engaged with his attorneys in the jury selection process all day.

Call it "Round Two."

Prosecutors charged Neil Pal with first-and-third degree homicide as an accomplice in the shooting death of Frank Bonacci of Dunmore last summer.

He is the second man to face trial in Bonacci's death.

Out of 101 potential jurors brought in for questioning Monday, only three said they had not heard about the case.

The case has gotten a lot of attention since it happened and also less than one month ago when Pal's alleged accomplice Jason Dominick was convicted of third degree murder and conspiracy charges.

Detectives don't believe Pal was shooter but they say he provided the gun, or access to the gun, that was used in Bonacci's murder.

They also say Pal drove Bonacci's Jeep to an area known as "Step Falls" the morning that Bonacci was killed and then called a friend to pick both Dominick and himself up after the crime.

After the murder, investigators also say Pal participated in a search party of Frank Bonacci, knowing he was dead the entire time.

Even after the jury was selected Monday, one of Pal's attorneys Matt Comerford asked for a change of venue, saying media attention makes it impossible to get an impartial jury. That request was denied.

Opening statements will begin Tuesday at 9:30 AM.

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