I-Team Follow-Up: Schuylkill County Veteran Reacts To Apology From V.A.

Published 07/25 2014 06:18PM

Updated 07/25 2014 06:39PM

Thomas Kepp from McAdoo says he received an apology from an official from the V.A. Medical Center near Wilkes-Barre just hours after the I-Team contacted the V.A. about a disrespectful call made to Kepp by a V.A. employee. Kepp says, "I'm happy that they want to make things right and I hope they follow through on their promise of an investigation into that phone call I received from their employee." The call in question was from a V.A. employee to Kepp to reschedule his doctor's appointment in July. The female caller thought she had ended the call but instead kept on talking as Kepp's voice mail kept recording. The caller is heard to say "They're going to keep calling him. I'm only calling him once. Downtown we just throw it out." Kepp was concerned that while he had voicemail that other veterans who don't have voice mail would not know they had been called about their appointment if the caller did not call back as stated by the V.A. caller." Jason Cave, Acting Public Affairs Officer at the V.A. Medical Center, told the I-Team on Thursday they have launched an investigation into the incident. Cave also said that this call was not indicative to how veterans are treated at the V.A.  Cave promised an apology for Kepp and indeed Kepp  got that apology Thursday afternoon. Kepp added, "I have no problem with the care at the V.A. it has been very good but I think that V.A. employees should treat all of us with respect."  The V.A. facility near Wilkes-Barre received high marks during a nationwide audit of the V-A. system. It also ranked very high when it came to the setting of appointments for veterans. V.A. officials took swift action in addressing the concerns raised by the I-Team.

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