I-Team: Drama in the Court- PFA Face-Off

LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Drama in Luzerne County court Thusday as State Representative Tarah Toohil came face to face with State Representative Nick Miccorelli. Toohil claims Miccorelli, her former boyfriend, threatened her.  A judge granted Toohil a temporary Protection from Abuse-order last week. Today the two lawmakers came to court for a hearing on that PFA.  The I-Team's Andy Mehalshick was in court for the hearing.


“I'm happy to announce a consensual PFA which indicates no admissions of wrongdoing of any kind by Rep. Nick Miccarelli." Said Attorney Joe Podraza- Represents Rep. Nick Miccarell

"I am pleased today to say that we got every single thing we wanted today." Noted Attorney Jarrett Ferentino, who represents Rep, Tarah Toohil


Attorneys for representatives Tarah Toohil and Nick Miccareli insist they came out on top today. The scheduled court hearing never took place. Instead, an agreement was reached between the two sides.

Miccarelli cannot have contact with Toohil for three years.

He must surrender his guns to the sheriff of Delaware County

He can enter the state capitol building

Toohil claims that Miccarelli has been harassing her since their relationship ended in 2012 and threaten to kill her in 2012. Miccarelli's lawyers claim their client has been vindicated.

"With the comparison that Representative Miccareli had last week with the temporary PFA was issued he had no opportunity to be heard. He was excluded from the capitol. He came here today and he is leaving going back to the capitol."  Said Attorney Podraza

But Toohil's lawyer says not so fast..

"Rep. Miccarelli agreed to a protection from abuse order today after being accused of very serious abuse allegations. I don't know what planet that would seem to be vindication"  added Attorney Ferentino.

"I’ve had little to no contact with Representative Toohil for years and years probably 6 years." Said Miccarelli.

Miccarelli has come under fire from members of both parties and the Governor.  All of whom have called on him to resign from office,.

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