Howard Test Kitchen: January 3, 2014

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 12/22 2013 12:52AM

Updated 12/22 2013 12:53AM

Eating healthier in the New Year doesn't mean skipping dessert, and with what we're making today, you won't have to.
It's the New Year, and that means we're going to be bombarded with all sorts of suggestions on how to eat healthier and what foods we should avoid. And if we want to stay on track (for more than just a few weeks), we can't totally deprive ourselves, because if we do, we'll get frustrated and end up cheating. That's why today I thought I’d share a lighter version of a cheesecake that cuts way down on fat and calories and still satisfies our cravings for something rich and creamy. All we do is combine some part skim ricotta cheese with low fat yogurt, a little sugar, a bit of flour and lemon juice. We want to use low-fat products instead of fat free here so we don't lose that rich, creamy texture we love.  Ok, now in a separate bowl, after beating together some reduced-fat cream cheese, a couple of eggs and vanilla, we add our ricotta mixture and beat everything together until it's smooth. We pour this into a homemade graham cracker pie crust and bake it off. Once it chills, it's ready to serve with fresh fruit for a dessert that has all the decadent texture without all the guilt. And no one will ever believe that this cheesecake is on the lighter side. So don't deprive yourself, head over to our website and get the recipe for our “Little Italy Cheesecake” so you can enjoy this as your special little treat. I’m Howard in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen, where every day we’re looking for more guilt-free ways for you to say … “OOH IT’S SO GOOD!!”   

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