Howard Test Kitchen: December 31, 2013

By Jayne Ann Bugda |

Published 12/22 2013 12:46AM

Updated 12/22 2013 12:47AM

If you do indulge a bit too much tonight, please don't drink and drive, and check out our tips that can make tomorrow morning a whole lot better.


It's New Year’s Eve, and that means tonight we'll be counting down as we look forward to the year ahead (that’s if we don't fall asleep on the couch before the ball falls). And in case you or someone you know parties a bit too much, please don’t drink and drive. And listen up, because we've got a few tips that'll be handy to have in the morning. Did you know that drinking a cup of joe after a long night out isn't such a bad idea because the caffeine actually helps fight headaches?  Just make sure you also drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. And did you realize that the potassium in bananas can help improve muscle function and fight fatigue? So make sure you have some on hand so you can slice them and serve them on top of your pancakes or in your cereal. Another lifesaver after a night of partying is to eat lots of protein since it helps balance out our blood sugar. So here's a dish to serve whether you're hung-over or just craving something really special for New Year’s Day. It's eggs Benedict, which is simply an English muffin topped with Canadian bacon and poached eggs bathed in hollandaise sauce. Looks complicated, but it's so simple. I've got the recipe for “Easy Eggs Benedict” online now so you can make it in the morning along with our “Zippy Bloody Marys” (with or without alcohol) as a tasty way start the year off right. I'm Howard (along with Patty and Kelly) in the Mr. Food Test Kitchen wishing you a fun-filled and safe New Year's Eve filled with lots of  … “OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!”



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