Hidden Cash Craze Comes to Columbia County

By Jayne Ann Bugda | jbugda@pahomepage.com, Valerie Tysanner | vtysanner@pahomepage.com

Published 08/06 2014 05:04PM

Updated 08/08 2014 11:46AM

Bloomsburg, Columbia County-Jeff Bumiller is talking about the massive scavenger hunt that's set to take over Bloomsburg this weekend.
As envelopes filled with free cash are hidden throughout town.


"It will be interesting scenes on the street people digging through stuff looking for money it could be fun."  said Bumiller

"The town of Bloomsburg has been so very supportive of all that we do so we wanted to take an opportunity to give back and give people an opportunity to win some free cash." noted Mike Garland, Carlisle Events Media Specialist

Carlisle Events is hosting the "Bloomsburg Nationals" car show this weekend and in hopes of drawing a big crowd... They're bringing their version of the hidden cash craze to Columbia County.


30 envelopes will be hidden.. Some at the fairgrounds... Some in downtown Bloomsburg. Filled with anywhere from ten... To two hundred dollars.

Some of the envelopes will be hidden above things, others will be hidden below. But all you need to find the envelopes are your two bare hands."

You don't need to dig anything up, you might need to move something, but if you do, put it back." said Mike Garland

Carlisle Events will put out clues hourly... On their Facebook and twitter page.

Local businesses are excited too -- and not just at the prospect of finding free cash.

"It's good for our business good for their business" added Pam Sriharsha of Cloak and Dragon Bookstore

Clues for the hidden cash envelopes will be posted starting at 8 am Friday through Sunday

Twitter page @CarlisleEvents will tweet out clues, if it's in the fairgrounds, will have a "FG" in front. If it's in downtown Bloomsburg, will have "BG" in front.

Follow the clues on twitter   @CarlisleEvents


Facebook Page

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