Gunfire Erupts In Williamsport

By Valerie Tysanner |

Published 06/28 2014 06:50PM

Updated 06/29 2014 06:40PM

Kisha Weston lives on the 600  block of Second Street in Williamsport, in an area she says turned into a war  zone around 1:30 Saturday morning.

"First I hear the first three shots and I knew off  the bat it wasn't  fireworks," she said.

Weston continued, "I tried to see what was goin on  out my door and I see them its one dude on  that side and one dude on this  side and they're shootin back and forth at each   other."

Weston says they fired more than 10 shots at each  other. Many of the bullets were flying erratically.

During the crossfire bullets were flying  towards the apartments - one of them remains in a door it hit. A man who lives  there says it narrowly missed his face.

Other bullets shot through apartment walls. One  neighbor, who did not want to be identified, said if it weren't for her TV  stand, she might have been shot by a stray bullet while in her second story  bedroom.

Another man was shot twice in his lower body.  Police say he is now in stable condition, after being taken to the hospital in a  private car.

The  scene leaves neighbors shaken, and worried for their  safety.

"We dont want our  kids bein raised in a war zone... we live in Williamsport not Afghanistan and I  would like that I can sit in my house and have my kids runnin around out here  and be safe."

People who live on  Second Street say the problem lies with people visiting the block, not the  tenants.

"It's like the kids cant come out and play  they gotta be subject to staying inside the house because guys wanna come around  here  fighting or shooting and none of them live around here," said  neighbor Jeanette Hall.

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