Groundhog Day: Behind The Scenes

- Saturday marked the first time we saw highs in the 40s since January 15.  So, how can the Groundhog not tell us an early spring!

Alas, he didn't Sunday morning.  He proclaimed six more weeks of winter.  In fact, Monday marks the half-way point of winter.

In 2010, Drew Anderson took a “meteorological” pilgrimage to Punxsutawney, PA for Groundhog Day.

Punxsutawney sits about an hour and a half drive northwest from State College and about a half hour south of DuBois.

While there, Drew got surprised by a few things. 

He shares his Groundhog Day observations below:

“When I went to Punxsutawney, I expected the town to have a daylong celebration. 

To my surprise, the town turned very quiet in just a few hours after the prognostication.

Locals refer to the town as “Punxsy.”  Even road barriers have “Punxsy” labeled across them.

Many people come to Punxsy the night before.  I was surprised how many people were outside tailgating in the bone-chilling weather that year.

Gobbler’s Knob is actually a 45-minute walk from the center of town.  School buses take visitors up to the knob, but I made the rookie mistake of thinking it’d be a short walk.

There had to be a crowd of at least 500 or 600 people, if not more, in that field. 

Before Phil made his announcement around 7:20 A.M., music filled the air and fireworks lit up the early-morning sky.

The second Phil proclaimed “six more weeks of winter” there was a mass exodus from the crowd.

In fact, there was a collective “boo,” and the crown seemed to turn its back as one and walk away.

In their defense, it was cold that morning—temperatures were in the low teens.

However, I got the feeling that this is a common practice.

After the prediction, Phil has a meet and greet for anyone who wants to come up and meet him on the Knob.

Close to an hour later, only two people cleaning up garbage were left up on Gobler’s Knob.

While it was fun, I wouldn't go back on my own time.  I would love to report live from there one year.

I wonder if I'd see Bill Murray."

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson

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