Gettysburg 150th: The Battle- NEPA Connection

Published 07/01 2013 06:40PM

Updated 07/04 2013 06:12PM

The Battle of Gettysburg lasted for three days beginning on July first 1863 and lasting through July 3rd.....Nearly 8,000 soldiers would die in this epic battle.   James Rutter who called Wilkes-Barre home was a member of the 1243rd Pennsylvania.  He would received the medal of honor for his heroics in the fight...James Pangburn is a guide at Gettysburg

"Sgt. Rutter a member of Company "C" from Wilkes-Barre as his unit was retreating back to town overhere to my left many members of the regiment realized one of the best loved commanders George Riechartt had fallen between the road and the tree line over here.They want to go back and retrieve wounded Teichart but bullets were so intense  her from cornfield plus they are reluctant to go back  for him James C. Rutter volunteered to go and get him."..

Central Pennsylvania's  151st infantry Commander George McFarland also made a name for himself  and his troops..
"George McFarland ran a school for boys in snyder county in Freeburg and Juniata County in McAllisterville and Richfield. The nickname of his units were the school teachers regiment because George McFarland wa a school teacher he must ahve been pretty impressive to his Students becasue many of them followed him in education career." said Jim Pangburn

And units that were from Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania also wore something unique on their hats...
"Many of these guys from the northern part of  Pennsylvania they wore a buck-tail they killed on their hat to identify them as being from Northeastern Pennsylvania they were part of stones brigade and that was kind of their identification they were Pennsylvanians from the Northern part of the state identified by Bucktail they attached to their hats."

   34,000 Pennsylvanians fought at Gettysburg.  That's nearly one third of the Union forces. Pennsylvania has the largest monument on the battlefield

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