Gettysburg 150th: Knoble and Clark

There are thousands of Civil Wr veterans laid to rest in cemeteries in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania. In Forest Hill Cemetery in Dunmore, Lackawanna County there are about 300 union veterans of the civil war, but nearby in the same cemetery, are two men who research indicates served in the confederate army. Both found themselves in Georgia near the beginning of the war between the states, the thought is that they may have been forced to join the confederacy. One was a carriage trimmer, the other a bookbinder, both lived in Wilkes-Barre after the war, both were members of Odd Fellows Lodge 291 in Scranton, one of the first fraternal organizations in the Electric City.

Both Knoble and Clarke were members of Odd Fellows Lodge 291, the first Odd Fellows group in Scranton, and are both interred in the odd fellows plot in the forest hill cemetery in Dunmore.

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