Getting Ready For Another Snowstorm in the Poconos

Community members in the Poconos get ready for more snowfall

MT. POCONO, MONROE COUNTY(WBRE/WYOU-TV) -  People in Northeastern Pennsylvania enjoyed warm temperatures this Easter, but that's about to change starting early Monday morning with another snow storm.

"We had Easter dinner and he came from Brooklyn on Saturday and went home early because of the snow. He's afraid he's going to get stuck here," said Emily Boyle from Mt. Pocono.

Emily Boyle from Mt. Pocono says she and her husband did not plan on putting her son on the Martz bus on Easter Sunday.

"I felt very bad. He asked me, I said no Joe it's not going to snow you won't have to worry, don't bring a heavy jacket just come up..and here we are, at the bus stop sending him home, said Boyle.

With predicted snowfall of about five to six inches in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it's safe to say these commuters are not happy.

"Very sick and tired. I am so ready to sit on my deck bare footed, have my tea," Said Marie Williams from Tobyhanna.

"I am tired of the weather but the summers are better," said Dewyne Barnes from Tobyhanna.

They say even as we ease into spring..this recent weather has been anything but predictable.

"I was very shocked. I thought it was over I really thought it was over," said Williams.

"It's always been a surprise. Wake up every morning and you never know what you're going to see out the front door," said Boyle.

And, although it may not be a lot of's still best to be prepared for the worst.

"I would say stock up on a lot of perishables, have a grill, have charcoal, be ready to cook any perishables," said Williams.

"Get a snowblower," said Barnes.

"Make sure you have milk, potato chips and peanut butter cups," said Boyle.

And, getting to where you need to be ahead of time is always key.

"I feel sorry for the morning people when they're trying to move the snow and everything," said Williams.

While many of the people we spoke to say they're used to this kind of weather in Northeastern Pennsylvania, they say that enough is enough and they're ready for this winter weather to be over.

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